Free Printables: Getting Your Women’s Ministry Organized!

THM Ladies Ministry Printables 2Our women’s ministry had its inaugural breakfast today. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, good food at Denny’s, and an uplifting testimony from our resident missionary wife.

My friend Anita and I have had a burden for the women in our church- the hardworking ladies who poured their hearts,tears, and sweat into glorifying our Heavenly Father through the various church ministries. We wanted to revive and organize our Bible studies, give focus to the needs and events throughout the church, and provide an opportunity for edifying fellowship. After much back and forth with our pastor and his wife, we were given the go ahead to begin.

Previously our ladies meetings were last-minute, after Sunday evening service rush jobs- gatherings which proved stressful for families needing to get home on a school night. We needed a way to convey important info and organize upcoming events in a relaxed environment- now we meet twice a month: a Bible study and work night on a Tuesday evening and a ladies’ breakfast on a Saturday morning (so our young ladies can attend.)

Anyway, that’s our ministry in a nutshell. Anita and I knew that we were jumping in feet first so I wanted to makes sure we got off on the right foot with organizing printables. With a lot of hours and false-starts I finally put together an attractive (and, admittedly, pinkish) Ladies Ministry Printable PDF set that I want to share with your in the hopes that it will help your ministry as much as it has helped mine.

THM Ladies Ministry Printables

The 12 page PDF includes:

  • Cover page
  • Monthly, Weekly, & Daily planners
  • Ladies’ member roster (to keep track of phone numbers, emails, and birthdays)
  • Master To-Do list
  • Organizers for Care Packages, Cards, and Meal ministries
  • Two Even Meal Planners (for banquets and potlucks)
  • Two shopping lists

 Click here to download your Women’s Ministry PDF Printables

I would love to hear if my Women’s Ministry Printables PDF was helpful for your ladies’ group and I welcome suggestions on how to improve it.

God bless you and your desire to uplift the women in your church!


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THM Printable Organizers


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