16 Clever Uses for Pill Bottles (You’ll wish you had thought of first!)

16 Clever Uses for Pill Bottles

As a caregiver to my wounded warrior, I’m responsible for the wrangling and wrassling of his many medications. And it’s a lot of pills.

16 Clever Uses for Pill Bottles

Something like that.

The granddaughter of a Depression baby, my tendency to “collect” is strong. This means I have a growing reserve of perfectly good medicine bottles of all shapes and sizes.

So what’s a girl to do? I’ve found 16 clever solutions for all of you caregivers/hoarders/crafters!

* * * * *

16 Clever Uses for Pill Bottles
1. While the original tutorial doesn’t specifically mention them, this could be easily adapted for pill bottles. Vanessa shows you how to make your own Advent Calendar in her blog, Crafts Unleashed.

2. Never say you won’t ever lose your house key- Jessica at Zakka Life brings us her tutorial on making your own House Key Hider.

3. Rips and lost buttons happen when you are least prepared. Have your own emergency sewing kit, complete with pin cushion, always ready.

4. While I don’t celebrate Halloween, I am in awe of Magia Mia‘s Vintage Apothecary Bottles made from various vitamin and spice containers. This craft can easily be adapted to say whatever you would like!


16 Clever Uses for Pill Bottles 2

5. Bring a little zen into your home with this brilliant Bamboo Vase tutorial from Mich L. in LA.

6. Aren’t store bought pet toys such a pill? Make your own instant pet toy by filling a bottle with bells or dry beans (you could also crochet a cover for it like this one.

7. Create warm memories with your kids on frosty winter days with Crafting a Green World‘s tutorial on making a Pill Bottle Snowman.

8. An average size medication bottle is perfect for salad dressing on the go (it holds about 2 tablespoons). Just make sure the lid is sealed!


16 Clever Uses for Pill Bottles 3

9. For the outdoorsy type, The Crafty Librarian‘s Travel Sized Matchbox will fit easily into your backpack or pocket and keep your matches dry. Tip: Try your hand at making these wind and water resistant Uber Matches.

10. Want to give a unique gift? Try this adorable Seed Party Favor– perfect for baby showers, birthdays, and more!

11. Do you know a newly graduated LPN or Pharmacist? Give them this cunning Pill Bottle Cake. You could fill the bottles with notes, candies, or even money.

12. Decorate your old bottle and fill it with Reasons Why I Love You– a sweet anniversary or birthday gift for the one you love.


16 Clever Uses for Pill Bottles 4

13. Tired of your Nail polish remover tubs drying out and having to purchase another? Why not make your own?

14. Because we all need a little beauty in our life, Jen from IHeartOrganizing shows us how to jazz up a medication bottle in to a vintage style bobby pin holder.

15. Never worry about tangled or broken wires with this handy headphone keeper.

16. And last (but not least!), make sure you always have an emergency first aid kit on hand for scrapes and falls. Also works as a change holder!

Have any more to add? Post them in the comments!


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